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Welcome to the Home  of Natural Loofah Products

One and a half decades of Natural Loofah Products made by artisans in Paraguay, and now brought to you directly by Eco-Loofah.
We proudly present our new selection of product Sets that follow the footsteps .

Natural Loofah Pet Toys

Pet Products and Accesories

Eco-Loofah presents directly from Paraguay in South America the  unique Eco-Loofah pet toy line with exclusive designs made especially for pet owners who care about the environment. Our new product line was designed, in part, by our own animals from our sanctuary. As we watched them over years, we noticed how much they loved playing with Loofah. So our designers created this whimsical line of pet toys that animals love.

Natural Loofah Wellness Products

Enhanced Exfoliation and Original Designs

The traditional Natural Loofah Products you know, made for Wellness & Spa's, including our Best-Seller the Loofah Hand.