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The Background of the Project Started almost 20 Years ago, with the pursue of finding a new Product that could be original and at the same time have a great social and environmental impact. 

Here are how the makers of these products came to the Natural Loofah Sponge and used it as a canvas for their Ideas of a new product that can be versatile enough not only for the traditional beauty segment, but also that could be introduced into new product lines like house decoration, kitchen accessories, and finally the biggest hits arrived with the development of the Toys for Pets. 

Loofah’s Natural properties allow it to be a safe Fiber, together with the Mineral Dyes used, it completes an all Round Natural Product. 

From the Start of the Harvest, the Organic philosophy employed in the Fields, providing a natural first quality Fiber. From there several Artisans continue the processes of dying the colors, and sewing each of these Artistically creations.